In a world without words or bendable limbs, one man embarks on a journey of self-expression. Fiction. This film won Best Original Concept at the ACM Film Festival, 2016 and Best Art Design at the Colorado College Film Festival, 2016. Lila Schmitz won Best Actress for this film. Written and produced in 1.5 weeks in Advanced Filmmaking by a student crew. Supported by Colorado College Film and Media Studies. Film by Georgia Griffis, Corrina Leatherwood, and Kaitlyn Hickmann. Or view on YouTube.

Health, Wealth, & Chutney on the Side

Western culture influences health and exercise habits in the community of Madurai, South India.


A strong female friendship, a game of Would You Rather, and sleepwalking result in dire consequences in this psychological thriller. A short film by Ben Bacher, Angel Martinez, and Kaitlyn Hickmann.

Black Poets Speak Out: Denver

In response to the Alton Sterling and Philando Castile shootings, Suzi Q Smith organized Black Poets Speak Out: Denver. 28 poets performed. See all of their performances here. From the #BlackPoetsSpeakOut Tumblr:

In light of the continuous murders of black people across the nation, Black poets across the country are sharing video responses in solidarity with those who refuse to accept these atrocities as a normal condition of black life. We are using the force of our art to transform policy. We can no longer settle for incremental adjustments. We are calling for an absolute transformation. We will not be done until we see justice for the murder of black people.

Friendships at Colorado College

A short video made for the Colorado College Admissions Office. Friendships at CC. Film by Brendan James and Kaitlyn Hickmann.


Associate Producer

Mature content. A disillusioned suburban youth heads into the prairie in search of solace at a barn rave. An ecstasy infused romance leads him deeper into the underbelly of the countryside. Fiction. Filmed on location at Chico Basin Ranch by a student crew and supported by Colorado College as an Undergraduate Senior Capstone Project. Film by Alex Suber.

The Romantic Introvert’s Dilemma


An original short film by Chauncey Crail. Fiction. Brought to you by Green Speaker Media, LLC.